2 things you must know about casino safety and security

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In a bid to stay relevant, competitive and continuously attract high rollers, casinos have had to creatively reinvent themselves. Gone are the days when casinos were only made up of slot machines, gaming tables, bars, restaurants and hotel rooms, today’s casinos are massive buildings sometimes encompassing entire city blocks that house five-star hotels, numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs, theaters and theme parks in addition to ATM machines, gaming tables and slot machines, snack bars and even gift shops.

To ensure casino safety, most casino owners have been forced to set up internal security departments almost matching in function to a police division of an entire town.This article seeks to explore the nooks and crannies of what these casino safety apparatus are composed of. This is meant to give you an element of comfort as you are gambling with your hard-earned money at your favorite casino.


#The human element in casino safety

In the past, casino owners were mostly focused on protecting their money. Their idea of casino safety was simply hiring ‘muscle’ to watch over the millions invested in the gambling venture. Today however, casino safety is handled more professionally. The casino security team is part of the floor team and because of the dynamics involved in executing the job, this is considered a career and it offers competitive pay packages in order to attract the best talent. The main tasks of the security team are to protect casino property and safeguard the guests.

Generally, these security teams spend most of their time surveilling the casino floor through both physically patrolling the floors, and using high-tech surveillance cameras. They are always in the lookout for thieves, drunks, fights and disturbances of any nature. As a guest of the casino, it is in your best interest to be able to spot security personnel and clearly understand their roles and responsibilities so that you can make good use of them should the need arise.


#The technology element in casino safety

Due to obvious limitations of the human element in casino safety, security teams rely heavily on electronic surveillance to guarantee the protection of the casino as well as its guests. This is a complementary system that is meant to cover the inadequacies of the security team. Most modern casinos have hundreds if not thousands of concealed digital surveillance cameras protected by one-way glass panels in places you least expect them. Some are of course placed in places you would notice them to act as a deterrent.



The main idea is to use these cameras to protect the casino from losing money courtesy of crooks as well as protect gamblers from being swindled by unscrupulous individuals. There are on-site security personnel with their eyes pinned on TV screens scanning for any wrong doing.

Millions of dollars are invested in casino safety so that the gambling environment can be carefree where as you spend your money, you have comfort in the fact that you have a fair chance of winning it back. It is in your best interest to be aware of these security features in casinos as they will greatly influence your gambling experience.