3 important casino staff every gambler must know

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Casinos have alarge number and hierarchy of staff with varying titles, roles and in most cases dress codes. The ultimate role of these staff however is to efficiently and effectively cater to the needs of all the casino’s guests, at the same time ensuring that theneeds of the casino owners are also met. They achieve this by ensuring that you have ample gambling opportunities against the often unevenly-stacked house odds.

The more pleasant a gambler’s experience is in the casino, the more likely they are to stay, gamble their money, and return as well as recommend the casino to their friends. Here is a list of 3 staff every gambler must know.


#1 The Pit Boss

11 - 3 important casino staff every gambler must know

The Pit boss is the one responsible for all gaming operations in an assigned pit. They are usually very smartly dressed and experienced professionals. Their main role is to supervise the dealers, the gamers and the floor persons within their assigned pit.In most casinos the Pit boss is very detail-oriented ashe/she is often required to have a proper understanding of all aspects of the games and finances flowing within their assigned pit. It is the Pit boss who is called upon to settle serious disputes should they arise.

Gambling is known to elicit serious emotions within casinos whenever it involves winning or losing large sums of money. Therefore, the Pit boss is always on hand to ensure such emotions don’t end up into conflicts. He/she will congratulate the winner, calm and soothe the loser or strong-arm them when necessary. In a nutshell, the Pit boss is part a gambling expert, part security personnel, part a supervisor and part a public relations manager.


#2 The Floorperson

12 - 3 important casino staff every gambler must know

Within each pit in the casinos are floorpersons. They usually dress and even act like pit bosses however, they are usually just in charge of a couple of tables in the pit and report directly to the pit boss. In most cases, you typically may not be able to distinguish between the two without asking. Ultimately,the floorperson assists the pit boss in ensuring that all proper casino procedures are followed.


#3 The Dealer

13 - 3 important casino staff every gambler must know

The dealer is the one who oversees players at the table. During gaming, it is the dealer who will shuffle and deal the cards, handle dice, chips and money. This is a high-pressure job that requires the right personality, expert gambling knowledge, quick hands and a high level of accuracy. It is the responsibility of the dealer to know the winner, the loser, and exactly how much money to pay on each hand. In a casino, the dealer a gambler gets may not change the odds of winning but will make the gambling experience more enjoyable. It is worth noting that the dealer generally has little or no control over the outcome of the game. In fact, majority of dealers will prefer that the player wins because it is through tips that they primarily make their money.

The next time you are at your favorite casino, take your time and see whether you will be able to identify each of these individuals.